Monday, April 11, 2011

Lunch Lady Land

The other day a friend mentioned making Sloppy Joes, and since then I have had a nonstop craving for them. I think that is because (1) Big girl like to eat :) (2) I haven't had Sloppy Joes probably since Elementary School. I used to love the school cafeteria's Sloppy Joes. They were always served with french fries and wacky cake. Oh man, I don't know if other school cafeterias ever made wacky cake, but in Wynne, AR wacky cake was where it was at!

This weekend I decided to make this cafeteria classic at home. Apparently, wacky cake is a legit cake, not just something that the Wynne lunch ladies invented (who knew!?). I used this recipe for the Sloppy Joes and this recipe for wacky cake. I attempted to make the Sloppy Joes a little bit more figure friendly by using lean hamburger meat and whole wheat buns, but the wacky cake and french fries destroyed any hope for making this a "healthy" meal. Oh well, totally worth the splurge!

I think I made the lunch ladies proud!
How can I write about Sloppy Joes without including this Adam Sandler classic? 

You're Welcome.

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  1. best post ever. ahh wacky cake and sloppy joes. your plates look JUST like the cafeteria trays.

    i love your blog!

    haley heath