Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Girl

Chocolate on chocolate birthday cake they gave me at work. So. Dang. Good.

Today I turn 25 years old. Wow, what!? Didn't I just turn 21 like... yesterday? Funny thing about being 25 - the only time I can feel my age is when I am recovering from a night of too much fun. Days like that I feel every bit of 25. Depending on the amount of fun that was had, I might even feel like I'm pushing 45. Oh, also, some of Taylor Swift's songs started annoying me this year..that probably is a sure sign of aging.

Here's the deal - I realize 25 is very young. Well, I guess it's old if you are comparing me to a 17 year old, but I like my 25 year old self way better than my 17 year old self so I am okay with that. :) I am just a weirdo about birthdays.

I am going to make my 25th the BEST year yet. Twenty-four was great, but the move from Arkansas to Alabama had me on an emotional roller coaster at times. I love the Huntsville area. I LOVE that Brian gets to manage a bookstore and be his own boss. I love that I work 40 hours a week instead of 60+ like I did in Little Rock. With that being said, I do miss my friends and family. That doesn't change, and all that missing takes some getting use to. However, we have been here a year now, and things could not be better. I am going to speak for Brian and myself (I do that a lot) and say that we know this is where we are supposed to be. As things keep falling into place, it just makes me more and more sure that we have found a place to call home.

I have so much to be thankful for on this day. I'm probably most thankful for the Birthday Cupcake from GiGi's Brian gave me. Yes. It changed my life a little bit.

Birthday Surprise!

Monday, March 28, 2011

And it begins...

Hi Friends!

I started this blog because Brian and I are pretty far away from a lot of people we love. (Also, I have come to the conclusion that I have too much time on my hands and need a hobby - unless reality tv is considered a hobby?) Really, I want to keep everyone posted on what we are up to, how the bookstore is doing, and most importantly brag about Hank's adorableness. I could do all of this on facebook, but then it wouldn't look like a pretty online scrapbook. How awesome is that! Not that I was ever any good at real-life scrapbooking, but maybe I'll do better with this.