Friday, May 13, 2011

You Respect Adele

A couple of weeks ago, I got in a very serious discussion about the amazing-ness that is the singer Adele. At one point, I angrily lashed out at Brian because he tried to say he wasn't a fan. Ok, so I may have lept in his direction like I was about to defend Adele's honor. Ellen made sure to bring me back to earth (and gave me this post's title).

No, Seriously, RESPECT!

I do love her oh so much. Her latest album, 21, is pretty much the only thing I have been listening to for the past month. It's called 21 because, well, she was 21 when she wrote it. Twenty-freakin-one years old.

My favorite song has to be 'Set Fire to the Rain'. How she sounds live is EXACTLY how she sounds on her album. Girlfriend can SANG.

This is clip of her and Darius Rucker covering Lady Antebellum's "I Need You Now." Crazy Talented.

Now you can see why my seemingly irrational outburst is TOTALLY justified, right? I thought so.

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