Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Out of Shape Looks Like

This week the Jarrett family decided to get active and shed the winter fluff (my nice word for FAT). Brian and I have tried to eat healthier and started exercising. I can always tell when Hank puts on weight because all of a sudden his already little bitty head looks TINY compared to his big ol' body. To help both of us lose some weight, I have been taking him on walks each night. When I say the "W-A-L-K" word, he gets super pumped up and spins around in circles until I clip on his leash. The first 15 minutes of our walk he tries to pull my arm out of socket, while I continuously yell at him to slow down. I'm sure the neighbors love watching Hank walk ME around the block. When we get home, he doesn't even make it to his water bowl. He sluggishly steps onto the couch (because jumping requires entirely to much energy) and passes out.

I can't really blame him though. I pretty much do the exact same thing at the other end of the couch. I wish getting in shape was easier!

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  1. Girl, I am totally with you about losing the extra weight. If you find an easier way to lose weight, let me in on your secret.

    As for now, I just joined UAH's gym and started taking classes regularly. I still find time to be "WALKED" by my two GSDs. They just give you the puppy eyes and you have to give it to their wants, rather demands. Think of the bright side, you have only one dog walking you, try two. Brandy my youngest, never gets tired and seems to always have energy now matter how long the walk. I envy you for having one that just wants to pass out afterwards. Hang in there. The weight will shed itself off with all your hard work.