Monday, June 13, 2011

Memphis Iced Tea

This weekend I found a new drink that I had to share! I can't believe I love it as much as I do. It contains my alcohol enemy... whiskey. Seriously, I can't do all. However, this recipe just might have changed my attitude.


In an attempt to save a few calories, I used unsweet tea with two Splenda packets per individual drink. I also used Coke Zero instead of the real deal. A shot of Jack Daniel's (1oz) has about 65 calories, so I figure our drinks were about 100 calories a piece. (This is way better than those tiny 100 calorie packs - just sayin!)

My sister Ellen - my favorite little whiskey girl

Below is a performance clip of Lynyrd Skynyrd's, 'Whiskey Rock-a-Roller'. This song will have you craving some Memphis Iced Tea in no time! There are a lot of good whiskey songs out there, but this one is my all time favorite.

This footage is from 1976 - the year my parents graduated high school. I like to pretend that's Donna and Rob jammin' at the 33 second mark. Ha!


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  1. OK, this drink intrigues me enough to give it a try. I love that there is an action shot of you making it.