Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knee Deep: Orange Beach, Alabama

On the last post, I talked about the rocky start to our vacation, but now I want to share the fun parts. Our days consisted of sleeping late (no alarms), having breakfast on the balcony, soaking up the sun, and drinking fruity beach drinks. Our goal was to relax and be as lazy as we could stand. As you can tell from these pictures, we definitely accomplished that goal!

This is the only picture we took together. (We are bad about that!) That's our condo in the background.

We planted ourselves on the beach for most of the trip.

Like I said, we didn't really move.

Oh look, a rare action shot... to cool down so he could lay in the sun some more. :)
At night we did venture out to listen to some live music and to eat a ridiculous amount of delicious, fresh seafood. Well, I enjoyed the seafood. Brian is allergic to shellfish. I know - it makes me very sad for him. Don't worry, he enjoyed a ridiculous amount of every other type of food.

LuLu's had a great Jimmy Buffett cover band and their fried green tomatoes were amazing!

Watching the band and the intoxicated moms and dads breaking it down at The Hangout.  
I don't know why, but Brian and I seem to attract natural disasters. A wildfire broke out at Gulf State Park the day before we came home. Thankfully, from what I have read, most of the fire has been contained.

 This is a view from the back balcony.
This vacation was exactly what we were needing. A chance to completely disconnect from the world and relax. In closing, I will leave you with the theme song of our Summer Vacation 2011, Zac Brown Band's 'Knee Deep'. I think I'll hit play, close my eyes, and pretend we are still there.

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